Welcome to the All-In Health Foundation’s Very First Blog Post

April 13, 2024 | News


The AIHF team has been working tirelessly for the past year, setting the foundation to launch this incredible organization. What makes this organization unique and different from the others? Here’s your opportunity to find out!

The All-In Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to educate, empower, heal, rehabilitate and holistically support those experiencing a range of imbalances in their lives. At AIHF, we are working to create mental health accessibility nationwide for more people than ever before through their healthcare insurance companies. We are achieving our goals by training Board of Behavioral Science authorized marriage and family therapy and other eligible interns. These registered interns have been primed in the whole-person model of the Wheel of Wellbeing (WOW Method), and this practice will be utilized by clinicians after a medical diagnosis by a physician identifies their individual needs for change and growth.

Grounded in preventive measures and uniquely integrative work with diverse healthcare providers, the All-In Health Foundation is dedicated to bringing overall homeostasis to individuals, couples, and families. By using traditional healthcare, psychotherapy, communal experiences, and other therapeutic methods our team is motivated to generate overall life balance and create energetic, physical, and emotional flow in all clients’ lives.

The AIHF team aims to accomplish what has yet to be achieved in this country: providing mental health resources to those without current access by collaborating with the medical practitioners, who will prescribe this healing model for their patients. Our volunteers and staff are driven by their strong will and desire to help others and give back to the community, and together this team tends to create a more fulfilling, balanced, and well-rounded lifestyle to all whom we reach.

On behalf of our team at the All-In Health Foundation, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to get to know us. We take great pride in our mission and are eager to expand our impact across our shared community; actively making it a happier, healthier, and holistically better one. Thank you again for your ongoing support of our budding organization!